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By: Muriel van de Bilt

Michael Hesse’s Community Service Project

June 8, 2017
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What do parachute cords and mosquito nets have in common?

Today we have a great story about champion Michael Krebs Hesse, from Pearland, Texas! Spurred by a class about being part of a community, Michael created a community service project to help Nothing But Nets. He decided to merge his interests in Africa, science, and medicine, to help raise funds to send bed nets to families in Africa who need protection from malaria.  

After a lot of research and connecting with friends and family across the country, Michael decided that for every $5 donation, he would give away a customized thank-you survival bracelet, made of parachute cord. Michael believes that the bracelet will remind his contributors that they have helped a family in Africa survive malaria and just how much of a difference $10 can make to combat the disease. 

So far, Michael has made lots of thank-you bracelets – he’s raised $650 for Nothing But Nets! And Michael’s efforts are not over yet; he is planning another fundraising push for World Malaria Day. In May, Michael will display an informational display board about Nothing But Nets at the service fair at his middle school. Thank you, Michael, for your help to fight malaria and keep spreading the word!  

There are lots of ways to join Michael and Nothing But Nets in the fight against malaria. Learn more about how to get involved.

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