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By: Edem Torkornoo

Mitzvah for Nets

June 8, 2017
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Our champions and grassroots supporters dedicate their time, support, and voices to the fight against malaria! Because of your efforts, we are able to send life-saving bed nets to protect families in places across Sub-Saharan Africa where malaria is rampant.

Meet 12 year-old Ellie Nash. As part of her mitzvah project for her bat mitzvah, Ellie held a yard sale to raise funds for Nothing But Nets. She got friends and family to donate household items such as books, bikes, lamps, and pictures to sell. Ellie also made homemade granola bars for yard sale shoppers. And, she got the word out about her sale through advertisements at school and in her temple’s weekly newsletter. In just four hours, Ellie made more than $500 – enough to purchase and deliver 50 bed nets to families who need them most.

Building on the success of her yard sale, Ellie plans to write a letter to a local cupcake bar which chooses a charitable organization to benefit each month by selling a special cupcake. Thank you Ellie!  

You can also join the fight against malaria by becoming a member of Team Bzzzkill. Check out some of the events our supporters have organized and sign up to do one too!

***UPDATE 1/23/2014***

Ellie Nash is at it again!  Following a successful yard sale last fall that raised over $500, Ellie continued her support of Nothing But Nets as part of her Bat Mitzvah project by partnering with a local bakery to sell Nothing But Nets cupcakes!  Check out this video to learn more:

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