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By: Danielle Garrahan

MLS helps declare Nothing But Nets Week in Dallas

June 12, 2017
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At the beginning of the month, Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Tennell Atkins and the City of Dallas proclaimed the first week in September as Nothing But Nets Week in Dallas! Our many local partners joined us for an event at City Hall where a representative from Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson’s office also presented Nothing But Nets with a Congressional Record Statement, which the Congresswoman also read on the floor of the House of Representatives: “Mr. Speaker, I encourage my colleagues to join me in recognizing the achievements of the Nothing But Nets campaign and in supporting their valiant efforts to end the spread of malaria worldwide.”

Nothing But Nets Director Chris Helfrich recognized three groups– from the First United Methodist Church, McCullough Middle School, and Major League Soccer – for being true Champions in the fight against malaria. The youth group of First United Methodist Church and the students of McCulloch Middle School both raised over $10,000 for bed nets through fun basketball competitions. Ugo Ihemelu, star player of FC Dallas, accepted the award on behalf of our partners FC Dallas and Major League Soccer for their support and leadership in the movement to end malaria. The event was a fantastic reminder of how people across the country are coming together to voice their support for ending malaria once and for all.

Readers – We’d love to hear your city’s story. Tell us: What is your city doing to join the fight against malaria?

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