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By: Paige Glidden

Mosquito Joe is Beating the Bloodsuckers – Again!

June 27, 2019
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Malaria is a disease that most Americans don’t worry about. However, nearly half of the world’s population is at risk of this disease, and U.S. leadership is critical in the fight to end malaria. Whether it’s government policies, individual donors, or corporations, we all have a role to play!

Our corporate partner Mosquito Joe teamed up with Nothing But Nets for their seventh annual Beat the Bloodsuckers campaign during Mosquito Control Awareness Week. From June 23 to 29, Mosquito Joe franchisees will donate a portion of their sales to raise money to send lifesaving prevention, testing and treatments to those at risk of malaria.

As you might have guessed from their name, Mosquito Joe provides outdoor pest control services to thousands of residential and commercial customers across the country. While they recognize that mosquitoes are a nuisance in the United States, Mosquito Joe aims to educate their customers about the effects of mosquitoes and the diseases they transmit globally.

With their Beat The Bloodsuckers campaign, they’ve kicked their efforts up a notch to work towards malaria prevention around the globe. Mosquito Joe has been a partner of Nothing But Nets since 2016 and together we have made a significant impact on families across the world.

They’re continuing the fight against malaria all week long. For every new customer that is serviced during Mosquito Control Awareness Week, Mosquito Joe will send two bed nets to families that in need. Last year, they raised more than $24,000, sending 2,413 life-saving nets during Mosquito Control Awareness Week!

If you want to support MoJo and Nothing But Nets in the fight against malaria, you can donate to their campaign as we raise funds for and bring awareness to malaria-stricken areas. Help us and Mosquito Joe Beat the Bloodsuckers and make a difference this Mosquito Control Awareness Week by making a personal donation. For only $10, you can send two bed nets to those who live at risk of contracting malaria and make a difference for a family in need today!

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