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By: Nejla Routsong

Mosquito Magnet Fights Malaria by Donating Nets

June 9, 2017
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Talk about using science for good!

Our friends at Mosquito Magnet, which makes mosquito traps, launched a Facebook initiative to benefit Nothing but Nets. The company has pledged to donate more than 140 life-saving bed nets and hopes to give at least 200 nets by the end of the year. For every 60 new fans on Mosquito Magnet’sFacebook page, the company will donate another bed net to protect a family in Africa from malaria!

Mosquito Magnet understands how harmfulmosquito-borne illnesses, including West Nile virus and malaria can be, and provides families and local governments in the United States and Canada with traps for the insects. The propane-powered traps use carbon dioxide to attract mosquitoes, funneling them into a net, where they become dehydrated and die.

Nothing But Nets thanks Mosquito Magnet for their generous donation and for joining us in the fight against malaria. We encourage you to visit their Facebook page, Like it, and share it with your friends! Together, we can send 200 mosquito nets to families who need them most.

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