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By: Sarah Sakha

My World + Your World = One World

June 15, 2017
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Did you know that every thirty seconds one child in Africa dies of malaria? Did you know that there is a simple and economic way to reach out to malaria victims? By donating $10, a family of four can utilize an insecticide-treated bed net for up to four years. After a great deal of research and inspiration, I ran across, a campaign of the United Nations Foundation that distributes bed nets in Africa using the money that the public donates.

Why malaria, right? Well, I had been struck by a “Touchpoints” program that we were executing at school. The entire seventh and eighth grades were researching various infectious diseases, such as AIDS, West Nile Virus, and malaria. For a global community service project involving malaria, we chose Nothing But Nets as our key to unlocking new doors.

In addition, Rancho Solano is a phenomenal school, both in academics, leadership/student government, and community service. Many students were becoming more and more motivated to carve the path as valiant leaders. I proposed a fundraising event for malaria victims at one of our student government meetings. I wanted to hold a free dress week for the fifth through eighth grades for $10, the cost of a bed net, for the entire week, or three dollars per day. (We wear uniforms at our school most of the time.) I addressed the president and advisor for student government, as well as our school’s principal. My proposal was accepted, and I began preparation to hold a free dress week.

I had to spread “publicity” for the event, so I meticulously made posters and fliers for all to see. I spent $79 of my own money for poster-making, but it would pay off in the end! Time went by fast, and the first day of the free dress week arrived! Even though many students forgot about free dress, I raised more than $400. The entire week turned out to be a success! Generous donations were provided, and I contributed some of my own money to my collection. On Friday, I counted up all of the money…a grand total of $1,525.75!

I was elated at my success. It felt great knowing that I had helped to make a difference in the lives of malaria victims in Africa, even though a large amount of money wasn’t acquired. Of course, I couldn’t have done it without the help and support provided by my close friends, classmates, and fellow students who chose to reach out to innocent children by donating some cash, often times from their own allowance!

Lastly, we could never hold fundraising events for underprivileged families in other continents if it wasn’t for organizations such as Nothing But Nets. Let’s just hope our sister school in Florida can be successful too! Thank you!

Send a net. Save a life. 

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