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By: Naomi Kodama

Naomi: Our 25th Champion

June 12, 2017
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Giving back for me started when I was planning my seventh birthday party. The tsunami in the Indian Ocean struck on my birthday that year, December 26th, 2004. My father told me about what had happened and I felt that I should help, so I asked my friends to bring donations instead of presents to give to JCI Operation Hope, the relief program for the victims of the tsunami.

It felt so great to give, that I wanted to make it a tradition. In the years after that, I’ve asked my friends to donate to Nothing But Nets — because we all get gifts we don’t need. With the donations, people can save a life or even a family. It’s another way to spread the buzz by letting more people know about the deaths from malaria.

I was surprised to find out that I could be nominated to become the newest Champion in the Nothing But Netscontest — I feel like there’s always more I can do. I’m happy and honored to be chosen as the 25th Champion. I am in awe of others who have been Champions, and to see what they have done. It makes me feel motivated to continue working to help end malaria deaths.

Editor’s Note: We’re so excited to have Naomi as our 25th Champion! And we’re proud to have committed supporters like Naomi, who make all the difference in the fight against malaria. Keep up the great work – because you’re all Champions in our book.

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