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By: Johnna Sundberg

Nationwide BzzzTour Holds Events in 20 States

June 8, 2017
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Over the summer, Nothing But Nets partnered with JCI USA on its second-annual BzzzTour to travel from coast to coast, encouraging elected officials, JCI USA chapters, and communities nationwide to join the fight against malaria. This year’s BzzzTour visited more than 100 JCI chapters across 20 states, with major stops in Nashville, Des Moines, St. Louis, Seattle, Houston, and Washington D.C. 

JCI USA chapters across the country hosted community events that more than 1,500 people attended.  These events included a kickball tournament in Louisiana, a panel discussion in Missouri, dance lessons and a silent auction in Wyoming, and even a water balloon fight in Montana.  Overall, the BzzzTour raised over $50,000 for bednets!  The BzzzTour also scheduled meetings with 102 members of Congress to highlight the importance of U.S. leadership and to ask for their support in defeating this deadly disease. 

The BzzzTour also engaged other partners in the congressional meetings and community events.  The United Methodist Church attended many congressional meetings from Boston to Seattle.  The United Nations Association partnered with us for events and meetings from Iowa to Texas.

We are thrilled with the achievements of this nationwide BzzzTour.  Thank you to our partners who made it possible!

Click here to become a champion against malaria. And check out this infographic which wraps up the BzzzTour. 

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