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By: Derek Devore

Nearly $7,000 raised within an hour?!

June 15, 2017
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Quillian Recreation Ministries, the Sports and Recreation Ministry of First Methodist Houston, recently held a shootout competition at our gym in Houston, TX to raise funds for the Nothing But Nets campaign – to help send bed nets to prevent malaria. The ballers ranged in ages from 7 to 14 and were given a chance to collect sponsors for Nothing But Nets.

The turnout was incredible with 177 children from our Youth Basketball program participating. Once the competition finished and the dust settled, our fundraising efforts resulted in nearly $7,000 raised for Nothing But Nets within an hour!  The event was a huge success and included not only the shootout competition, but also a coaches game and a slam dunk contest for the children. 

We are looking forward to making this an ongoing commitment to the Nothing But Nets campaign for years to come. Let’s save more lives, Quillian! 

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