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Post Author
By: Jenna Sauber

Nets in the Park

June 16, 2017
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Yesterday was all about awareness and bringing people together to fight malaria in Atlanta. Our rally at Woodruff Park with Mayor Shirley Franklin, United Nations Foundation Founder and Chairman Ted Turner, and various Nothing But Nets’ Atlanta partners showed us just how much this issue is touching everyone in different ways.

Our bed net display was truly a sight to see. As we rounded the corner, we saw 50 white bed nets swaying in the wind throughout the park.  The bed net display remained in Woodruff Park all day, allowing hundreds of people to take a look as they walked through.

Before the press conference, the crowd was treated to a short musical performance from a group of students from the Ron Clark Academy, and everyone loved it! Their energy was just amazing and you could tell that they really enjoyed singing for others.

Following the song and dance piece, Mayor Shirley Franklin, who has had malaria in the past, spoke to the audience about how easy it is to get involved in the fight to combat the disease, and declared Atlanta’s commitment to the issue. Then, Ted Turner and Nothing But Nets Executive Director Elizabeth McKee Gore were presented with a plaque from Councilmember Kwanza Hall proclaiming October 22, 2008 Nothing But Nets Day in Atlanta. It was a great moment.

Our life-size mosquito was also in Atlanta to buzz around and take pictures with people as he encouraged them to send a net and save a life. The event was a great success!  We’re excited to bring the traveling bed net exhibit to communities around the country to help educate people about malaria prevention. 

Thanks to all of our Atlanta partners, the folks at Atlanta Downtown for accommodating us at the park, Mayor Shirley Franklin, Councilmember Kwanza Hall, and Ted Turner. And thanks to everyone who showed up to check us out! Stay tuned to see what else Nothing But Nets is doing this week – there’s more to come!

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