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By: Susannah Rosenblatt

NETworking to End Malaria

June 9, 2017
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Monday night’s inspiring World Malaria Day NETworking reception at the United Nations headquarters in New York City truly spread the buzz about Nothing But Nets’ appeal to send 100,000 life-saving bed nets to refugees fleeing violence in South Sudan. Mozzie the Mosquito mugged alongside supporters including NBA Legend Shaquille O’Neal and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who honored Her Royal Highness Princess Astrid of Belgium for her work with the Roll Back Malaria Partnership.

The Secretary-General revealed that Shaq has a new challenger off the basketball court. “Get ready for Shaq vs. malaria,” he said, before debuting a new public service announcement featuring the Secretary-General and Shaq advocating for increased efforts to fight this deadly, preventable disease. “To succeed” in this fight, the Secretary-General told the crowd, “I need all of you.”

United Nations Foundation CEO Kathy Calvin echoed his call to action: “It takes a village to get those nets delivered!”

African musicians kept the beat throughout the evening while Dikembe Mutombo and Miss Universe Leila Lopes of Angola mingled with guests. And emcee Brian Gott, Publisher of Variety, called on everyone to use their NETworks to help end malaria now.

Ray Chambers, the Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Malaria, offered hopeful words at the evening’s end: “By 2015, we don’t expect any children to die from malaria.”

Help keep refugees in South Sudan safe as they sleep at night! Join the fight against malaria. All it takes is $10 to send a net and save a life.

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