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By: Meril Cullinan

NETworking to save lives at CES 2012

June 9, 2017
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This week, Nothing But Nets is spreading the buzz among more than 150,000 of the most NETworked people around – at the world-famous Consumer Electronics Show (CES)! 

Every year, the biggest names in technology come to Las Vegas to showcase the newest gadgets and big ideas. Thanks to our partners at Variety and some of the bright young minds on the UN Foundation’s Global Entrepreneurs Council, we’re proud to be CES’s first-ever featured charity. 

While attendees are exploring booths to find the next Xbox or Plasma TV (both first introduced at CES), they’re also discovering a new way to give back: Send a net. Save a life. They’re learning that every 60 seconds, a child in Africa dies from malaria — a disease spread by a single mosquito bite. CES attendees are then finding out the good news: in 60 seconds anyone can send an insecticide-treated bed net, or three, to prevent malaria and save lives.

The Nothing But Nets booth features a fun way to give back: everyone who donates $10 will have a chance to sink a net at our Pop-a-Shot arcade basketball games. One of our generous donors is even matching every donation made at CES, net for net, to help protect twice as many families from malaria. Every net donated during CES will be rushed to protect families facing the crisis in the Horn of Africa.

Will you be at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show? Stop by our booth! Give $10 and sink a net to send a net and save a life. 

Staying at home this year? Don’t worry about missing out — you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook for live updates!

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