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By: Drake Carden

NETworking with Friends Across Europe

June 9, 2017
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Earlier this month, my colleague Rachel Smith and I had an amazing adventure attending a conference hosted by Junior Chamber International (JCI) in Braunschweig, Germany. JCI is an incredible international organization of hundreds of thousands of young adults all over the world. Though the organization is spread across the globe, members are united in their support of the Nothing But Nets campaign. Since 2008, JCI has partnered with Nothing But Nets to help raise more than $1.2 million among their members worldwide to send 120,000 nets and save lives.

Rachel and I met with delegations from all over Europe, spreading the buzz about malaria and the JCI Nothing But NetsCountdown to Congress, an online fundraising contest on CrowdRise in which JCI members can win a chance to join a Nothing But Nets observation trip to Africa in 2013. I was impressed with how knowledgeable all the conference attendees were about malaria and how willing they were to help save lives. My job is easy when everyone around me is as enthusiastic about malaria prevention as I am!

We learned a lot about different Nothing But Nets projects across Europe, including a regatta, calendars featuring JCI members wearing bed nets, and great events with proceeds supporting Nothing But Nets.  JCI knows how to throw a great party for a great cause. On June 15, JCI Germany hosted an incredible Nothing But Nets charity night at a local movie theater. Hundreds of supporters danced, enjoyed great food, and entered a raffle for a trip to Abu Dhabi by donating to Nothing But Nets. The event raised about $10,000 for 1,000 nets and capped off a great week in Braunschweig!

Keep supporting JCI Nothing But Nets by joining your country’s fundraising team — you might win a chance to distribute life-saving bed nets with us in Africa!

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