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New Champion Orientation

October 7, 2021

Welcome New Champions!

We are Nothing But Nets, an advocacy campaign of the United Nations Foundation dedicated to defeating malaria. Together, we harness the power of grassroots action to secure crucial funding for programs that improve malaria prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and research and development. These are lifesaving measures that have a positive impact on the approximately 219 million people who contract malaria each year.

The following training will showcase what it means to be a Champion, and how you can play a huge role in the fight against malaria. By engaging with our year-round advocacy efforts, meeting with your Member of Congress, and writing Letters to the Editor, you too can be a part of the generation to end malaria! And the best part is: we’ll be with you every step of the way.

After watching the training, we encourage you to sign up to receive text messages by texting malaria to 30644 and sign up here for our next Deep Dive webinar to start earning points!

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