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By: Amy Jensen

Newark Boys and Girls Club Hosts Nothing But Nets!

June 12, 2017
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On Friday, April 15, the Boys and Girls Club of Newark, New Jersey hosted an interactive malaria-education workshop in the lead-up to World Malaria Day. Members of the Nothing But Nets team came up to recognize the club’s boys and girls as Champions in the fight against malaria for their work to raise funds to send nets and save lives. 

We were also joined by some of our Champions including UN Special Envoy for Malaria, Ray Chambers; New York Red Bulls’ Dwayne DeRosario; and supporters Alexandra Taylor, and Kevin Vernimb. Newark Mayor Corey Booker even ecognized the event with an official declaration! Each of these Champions shared their experiences and talents with the Boys and Girls Club and encouraged them to think creatively about how they can join the movement to end malaria.

Much to our surprise, the Boys and Girls Club presented us with a donation – before the workshop, they raised enough to send 20 life-saving bed nets! 

We are so thankful to have Champions like the youth and leaders of the Boys and Girls Club and were thrilled be in Newark with them to start spreading the buzz for World Malaria Day on April 25, 2011!

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