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By: Robert Thead

No power, no problem.

June 14, 2017
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Not even a storm and loss of electricity can stop some of you from spreading the buzz. On Sunday, July 25, the United Methodist Women of Hamilton, Virginia, hosted an African-themed event to raise awareness and support Nothing But Nets. They also provided their guests with a small taste of Africa! 

Plans for music, dancing, eating, and raising awareness were only slightly dampened by a huge afternoon storm and loss of power. Undeterred, the attendees dined by candlelight and enjoyed African cuisine. Guests of the event were able to view African artwork on display while they had the opportunity to win donated door prizes, including “Best Dressed” in traditional attire.    

Despite the rain and lack of electricity, the group was able to come together and raise enough to send 40 life-saving bed nets. Great work!

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