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By: Angie Keiser

Nothing But Love for Nothing But Nets

June 7, 2017
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Bring me a solution.

If Mayhem had a nickel for every time she’s heard that from us … she’d have a LOT of nickels. Because we want her to not just tell us about her problems (or expect us to resolve them), but rather, have her tell us a way it could be fixed.

This dress right here, is a solution. A life saving one, actually.

A solution to a problem that kills a child every 2 minutes.

The problem is malaria. And the solution is a mosquito net to go over beds of children in areas affected by the disease.

That lovely dress is made from one mosquito bed net from Nothing But Nets.

As a parent, at the end of the day, I breathe a deep long satisfying breath of relaxation when Mayhem snuggles into her sheets and closes her eyes. Our days are chock full of fun, but they are also chock full of exhaustion. But we have a nice (climate controlled) home with doors and windows and locks and security systems and … and  … and …

When my daughter drifts off to sleep, it’s not the most worrisome part of my day.

It’s the opposite for many parents in places where malaria is a problem.

Did you know that malaria causes nearly 600,000 deaths per year?

And did you know that most of those deaths are children under five years old?

And did you know that the mosquitoes carrying malaria ONLY bite at night?!?!?!

I’ve had the hardest time wrapping my brain around the fear I’d have and the anguish I’d feel if my child was infected with a deadly disease while she slept.

But the good news, as we’ve already reported, is that there IS a solution.

I’ll let Mayhem take it from here …

We’re incredibly proud to announce our new partnership with Nothing But Nets, and we need you to join our team. Because we are committed to helping as many kids as we possibly can. And the more people we have on our team, the more kids we can help.

We’re saving lives here, people!!! Here are some ways you can join our team:

  1. Make a donation at – easy peasy.
  2. Join us for Potholder-palooza at The Play Library – YES, we’re going to be selling potholders, but the more we can sell, the better! So we need you to join us for a super fun event where we can all make potholders together and build up a good stash to sell. Please please PLEASE come join us on July 24 – I promise it will be loads of fun! So text a pal and come get your craft on with us – fun for ages 3 – 133  Here is the official event (please do RSVP so we have an idea of how many potholder making supplies we’ll need!)
  3. Make some potholders and send them to us!!! If you can’t join us that is. We have a special shipping address set to accept potholder donations for a very limited time (see below).
  4. Buy some potholders BEGINNING July 25th!!! Between now and then, we’ll be growing the potholder inventory, but online sales will go live on July 25th right here on

So there you have it.

We know the problem. We know the solution. And we have the ability to do something.

We’re in.

How about you?

Interested in sending some of your own homemade potholders? We’ll be selling each PAIR for $10 which pays for 1 net. You can find a link to some of the kits we use in this post and it only takes about an hour to make a pair.
*You can send in your homemade potholders (to be included in our online sale) from now until July 26, 2016 ONLY* to:
Fashion By Mayhem
1081 St. Rt. 28, Suite B, Box 223
Milford, OH 45150

This post originally appeared on Fashion By Mayhem 

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