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By: Tyler Browning

Nothing But Mullets

March 1, 2018
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At the University of Notre Dame, tucked away in St. Edward’s hall, is a group of passionate students making a very bold fashion statement – they’re growing Mullets Against Malaria.

We know what you might be thinking: “When did mullets come back in style?” Well, saving lives never goes out of style!

Mullets Against Malaria is one of our favorite fundraising events of the year. Started by students living in St. Edward’s Hall five years ago, it has continued to be a wild success.

“[Mullets Against Malaria] really showcases the creative potential in fundraising efforts, and most of all that anyone can make an impact in the fight against this deadly disease,” said Executive Director of Nothing But Nets, Margaret Reilly McDonnell.

The men of St. Edward’s Hall have been so successful in previous years, that this year they have bumped up their fundraising goal to $10,000! Donations are still coming in, and they have already raised nearly $8,000. That’s 1,600 bed nets with our year-long match from Sumitomo Chemical Co.!

Though these men have made a tremendous accomplishment in the fight to defeat malaria, we still have a long way to go until we eliminate this disease once and for all. Twelve years ago, a child was dying from malaria every 30 seconds, and now malaria takes the life of a child every 2 minutes.

We’ve made incredible progress, but we cannot take our foot of the gas pedal now! We must work until no child dies from a mosquito bite.

2018 is a very big year for Nothing But Nets as we begin our new work to help protect families in Latin America and the Caribbean in addition to our existing commitment to countries in sub-Saharan Africa. And that work is dependent on support from generous – and creative – from people like the students of St. Edward’s Hall.

Keep up the good work!

Follow their story and support their campaign here.

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