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By: Rachel Henderson

Nothing But Nets and The Whistle Sports Network Team Up to Save Lives

June 8, 2017
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Today, at South by Southwest we are launching an exciting new partnership with The Whistle Sports Network to unify the global sports community in a mission beyond winning games – working together to save lives!

With more than 2.7 billion views and 64 million online followers, Whistle Sports Network is the millennial voice and destination for sports. Whistle Sports is changing the landscape of sports-media consumption and is quickly becoming a new destination for young sports fans around the world. By activating its channel partners, Whistle Sports will inspire youth to join us in protecting families from malaria. 

Executive Vice President of Whistle Sports, Brian Selander, has this to say:

What’s best about sport is the lessons it teaches – resilience, courage, enthusiasm, and teamwork. These values show exactly the kind of passion that we are looking to unleash in our fans today with this partnership.

Together at the Social Good Hub in Austin, we will issue a call to action to sports fans and the digital community – to join “The Million Nets Pledge” on World Malaria Day (April 25) and help Nothing But Nets protect refugee families with life-saving bednets.

The global community has already cut child deaths from malaria in half over the last decade. We are making tremendous progress and we believe Whistle Sports will help ignite a generation of young people to help us defeat malaria in their lifetime.

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