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By: Meril Cullinan

Nothing But Nets Champion Goes to the White House

June 12, 2017
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Yesterday, on International Women’s Day, long-time Nothing But Nets supporter Elisabeth Clymer joined our friends at Girl Up, another campaign of the UN Foundation, to celebrate the accomplishments of women at the White House with First Lady Michelle Obama. Elisabeth of Fairfax, VA has been sending nets and saving lives for years, helping to protect women and children from malaria.

We’re proud to have so many female Champions in the fight against malaria: from Mandy Moore (who wrote about us in The Huffington Post yesterday!) to girls like Katherine Commale and Elisabeth Clymer to many, many more women and girls out there. Here at Nothing But Nets, we know that healthy, empowered, educated women can change the world!

Elisabeth recorded this video for us before heading to the White House, telling us what International Women’s Day means to her:

You can learn more about Girl Up, and see more photos and videos from the trip to the White House here.

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