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By: Champion Guest Blogger

Nothing But Nets Gave Me a Voice

December 4, 2017
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When I first got involved with Nothing But Nets, I wasn’t exactly sure what my participation would entail. I definitely had no idea that my involvement would transform into what it is today.

I owe a lot of who I am today to my involvement with Nothing But Nets. I learned about the campaign at a social action conference three years ago, and though I also spent time learning about other social issues and organizations, I was drawn to Nothing But Nets. To me, there was a pleasant simplicity in the idea that $10 can provide a bed net – that $10 can, quite literally, save a life. With this message, I was inspired to teach others about Nothing But Nets and show my community that such a small act can go a really long way.

Since becoming a Nothing But Nets Champion, I have worked to raise awareness and funds in my local community and beyond. I’ve represented Nothing But Nets at events such as the Harvard Health and Human Rights Expo and the Cotopaxi Festival, and scheduled meetings with my members of Congress to discuss the importance of combating malaria on a national level. At the 2017 Nothing But Nets Leadership Summit, I was given the opportunity to speak about my experiences and passion in front of other Nothing But Nets champions and supporters. Through my involvement, I have gained valuable experience with advocacy, public speaking and communication, as well as event-planning and fundraising. I continue to meet with my members of Congress and those in my community to ensure their support for our cause, and am very excited to announce that I will be formally joining the Nothing But Nets team as an intern next semester!

I am passionate about combating malaria because I aspire to see its eradication. There are so many diseases and cruelties throughout the world that are unlikely to ever completely be defeated, but the elimination of malaria is so close, and that inspires me. We can actually be the generation to end this deadly, yet preventable, disease for good!

This is the time to push legislation forward, to advocate for congressional support, and to raise awareness, because even the smallest acts add up to make great impact in the fight to achieve elimination.

I work to combat malaria by raising my voice. The majority of malaria cases are found in under-developed countries, so it is often very difficult for those affected to speak up and demand the resources and health coverage they need.

Over the last three years I’ve learned so much about malaria and what I can do to help those affected by the disease, but I’ve also learned a lot about myself. Through Nothing But Nets, I have learned how to be an advocate for a purposeful cause, how to inspire others and most importantly, how to represent and support those in need.

That’s why I think others should get involved and join me! Register to attend the Nothing But Nets Leadership Summit here.


Avery Manousos has been a Nothing But Nets Champion since 2014.


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