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By: Elisabeth Clymer

Nothing But Nets hosts the MENTOR Initiative

June 8, 2017
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Today, is World Refugee Day. Our team is extremely proud to support malaria interventions for refugees and other forcibly displaced people through partners like the MENTOR Initiative, The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). Thanks to our supporters like you, Nothing But Nets is able to help communities in times of crisis, ensuring that they are protected from malaria. Since 2006, we have provided nearly $13 million to support malaria prevention efforts among refugees and other forcibly displaced people.

Recently, we were honored to have Richard Allan, Director of the MENTOR Initiative visit our office in Washington, DC.  The MENTOR Initiative has been a crucial partner with Nothing But Nets since 2008 and works to reduce malaria in areas of crisis and political instability. While many NGOs avoid conflict-affected areas, the MENTOR Initiative specializes in establishing community-based infrastructure for such regions to limit malaria transmission and decrease mortality.

Many of the Initiative’s 600-person staff live in displaced communities and refugee camps and must endure many of the same challenges as the people they serve.  By maintaining a committed local staff, the MENTOR Initiative guarantees access to malaria prevention, diagnostic testing, and treatment within the community, reducing the time it takes for children with malaria to receive care. 

Right now, the MENTOR Initiative is focusing its efforts with Nothing But Nets on conflict-affected areas in South Sudan and Central African Republic: 

  • South Sudan has over 1 million displaced people and 200,000 refugees – 127,000 of which are in the 4 UNHCR Refugee Camps served by MENTOR.  This area has one of the world’s largest swamps, which is a great breeding ground for mosquitoes. Nothing But Nets-funded activities in South Sudan have shown impressive results by reducing the number of cases and deaths in the camps significantly. 
  • Central African Republic has nearly 555,000 internally displaced people and 2.5 million people are in dire need of assistance in the country. Additionally, there are 350,000 refugees from Central African Republic who have fled to neighboring countries. In the project area, malaria is the primary concern of more than half of people seeking medical assistance. Using resources provided by Nothing But Nets, the MENTOR Initiative was able to use their community-based approach to help 530,000 people in Northwestern CAR through increased bed net coverage, and other interventions to control and treat malaria. 

To learn more about Richard’s work and the MENTOR Initiative, you can visit their website. Today, on World Refugee Day, please help us support our efforts to help refugees and internally displaced people. Send a net. Save a life.

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