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By: Amy Jensen

Nothing But Nets Joins First United Methodist Church in Chicago

June 12, 2017
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On Wednesday, the Nothing But Nets team joined the First United Methodist Church in downtown Chicago for their mid-week service. A great way to kick off our Chicago City Tour! 

Nothing But Nets has had a long partnership with The people of the United Methodist Church. At the service, a visiting youth choir sang and, afterward, everyone checked out some of the photos from the Champions to End Malaria photo exhibit. 

The people of First UMC were great hosts and gave us a chance to talk to the congregation about how anyone, from bishops to basketball players, can be a Champion in the fight against malaria.

Following the service, the congregation gathered for a quick reception to enjoy snacks and talk about the photo exhibit and its amazing Champions — by the end of the day, the congregation donated enough to send more than 50 life-saving bed nets!

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