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Post Author
By: Ani

Nothing But Nets on Myspace

June 20, 2017
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Working to send nets and save lives is wonderful not only because we know we are helping save African families, but also because we get to be part of a supportive community full of generous and interesting people! One way the Nothing But Netsteam tries to keep in contact with this community is through online networks, such as Facebook and Myspace.  If you haven’t already, check out our pages! Here are some of the great comments and messages we have received already on our Myspace Page:

“Hey guys! I just want to let you know that this organization has inspired me to be a missionary to Africa. Thank you guys sooo much! I’m only 13 but I dream big! Thanks again!   God Bless.”

“I’m not part of any group helping support this great organization. I’m 19, live in a fairly small town, and work at a Dairy Queen. But a few months ago, I donated $100 to Nets. I figured $10 seemed to small a price to pay to help only one person, or one family. I make dimes to spend dollars, yes. But organizations like this are just too important to just shrug off. Cheers.”

“I was searching for an organization that would send bed nets for a year before I found you guys! Little did I know it was just getting started. I had malaria while I was pregnant and that experience has given me such a heart to fight this battle. We’re making progress and my team has raised almost $10,000 with bigger things coming this year! My dream is to one day hand bed nets to the moms who want to protect their babies as much as I wanted to protect mine. God bless you!”

“Little things make a huge impact” I learned about your organization through my fiancé. As an xmas present last year he donated in my name. It was the most amazing xmas present have I ever received and I know it will be a tradition in our house for many years to come and hopefully many others. Thank you for that. If you have any awareness events in California and need volunteers let us know. Thank you for being a wonderful organization.”

“You guys are the bomb!!!”  “I’m so happy that I could help out just a bit and that you guys invited me to be a friend. Thanks and God bless Africa and their people!

“Glad to have you as a friend. I have been a supporter of NBN now for a year when I first heard of you in Africa. I came back and have been an active fundraiser and voice ever since. Keep up the GREAT work. God Bless you. And please…everyone…buy a shirt…get the word out..or as my kids say…get your buzz kill on!!!”

Thank you so much to all of you who have shared your thoughts with us!

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