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By: Amy DiElsi

Nothing But Nets on the BIG Screen in the BIG Apple!

June 14, 2017
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Headed to New York City any time soon? Make your way through the crowded streets, head down to Times Square, and then look up! You’ll see Nothing But Nets on the BIG screen!

This week world leaders will convene at the UN headquarters for the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) Review Summit — marking the 10th anniversary of the adoption of the eight goals by all 192 UN member-states. Leading up to this important week, the UN Foundation has embarked on a unique partnership with Toshiba to display public service announcements about the world’s most critical issues on the Toshiba Vision screen in Times Square. This is the first time we have been featured in such a prominent space -– reaching literally hundreds of thousands of people each day!

The Nothing But Nets video, along with three others from the UN Foundation, are available for viewing and downloading at — share them with your NETworks and help us spread the Buzz that each of us can get involved in tackling global problems like malaria.

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