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By: Klaenyza Pritchard

Nothing But Nets Partners Take Capitol Hill

June 8, 2017
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Call us biased, but we believe we have the world’s greatest supporters. Six years ago, a child died every 30 seconds of malaria. Now, it’s every 60 seconds. Part of that incredible progress is thanks to our dedicated partners. In the past six years, we have brought together the world’s largest group of partners and grassroots supporters to send nets to save lives from this deadly disease.

Today, we’re gearing up for an exciting couple of days meeting with a great group of our partners including the Junior Chamber International, NBA Cares, UHCHR, and Champions such as Naomi Kodama, Ruth Riley and Jared Montz. During our annual Partner and Champion Summit, we’ll look back at some of our most memorable moments from 2012 and look forward at what’s to come in 2013. We’ll hear the moving story of a man’s personal struggle with malaria, as well as impact reports from our implementing partners. 

Tomorrow we will learn about the state of malaria today from global health leaders. We’ll cap off our summit with advocacy training, where we’ll talk about the ins and outs of direct and grassroots advocacy. Our partners and champions will have a chance to put their advocacy knowledge to the test when we head to Capitol Hill to meet with members of Congress to explain why it’s critical for the U.S. government to keep funding malaria prevention efforts.

Even if you can’t be in the room with us this week, there’s still a role for you to play! Follow our summit hashtag on Twitter at #NBNSummit, let your elected officials know you care about fighting malaria, and help spread the buzz on your social networks.

We can’t wait to see what comes out of this summit–stay tuned for more!

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