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By: Amy DiElsi

Nothing But Nets recognized as path to change in new book

June 15, 2017
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By now, many of you have seen our fun PSA that we created with Vh1 a few years ago of the giant mosquito buzzing around a New York City office building, and ultimately being caught up in a life-saving bed net. That video continues to be a hit with supporters of Nothing But Nets, and now the producers of the video have written a new book that mentions our campaign as one that is making a difference around the world.

Generation Change: 150 Ways We Can Change Ourselves, Our Country, and Our World is a Skyhorse Publishing book that will be released at booksellers on November 4. The book’s authors, Jayan Kalathil and Melissa Bolton-Klinger, say it’s written in a fun and witty way, and raises topics and ideas “to get people thinking.” And with so many young people thinking about “change” these days, especially following President Obama’s election and his national call to service, the book appeals to the average young American who is looking to serve their community and their world in small and big ways. 

We’re really excited and honored to be mentioned in such a book! To learn more about the book, check out the publisher’s site here. And, you can even become a fan on their Facebook page, “Generation Change – The Handbook.”

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