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By: Elizabeth McKee Gore

Nothing But Nets week in Denver

June 20, 2017
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Today, I was proud to stand by UN Foundation President Senator Timothy E. Wirth in Denver, CO, to kick off Nothing But Nets Week.  We were joined by the NBA’s Denver Nuggets, MLS’s Colorado Rapids, United Methodist Bishop Warner Brown and Governor Bill Ritter, Jr. Governor Ritter gave Senator Wirth Denver’s first official donation of $20! He told the crowd gathered at the Capitol steps that the donation was in honor of his wife and son, both of whom had malaria. Governor Ritter has seen malaria first-hand while he and his family lived in Zambia doing missionary work. 

During the kick off, the Governor shared a proclamation claiming March 27th – April 1st as Colorado’s Nothing But Nets Week. Today is the first of several events that will take place throughout Denver. Bishop Brown will be hosting a faith leader’s luncheon, which will be followed in the week by two malaria boot camps with our sports partners.  
Our inspiration, Rick Reilly, is from Denver and we were proud to bring Nothing But Nets to his hometown today!

Elizabeth Gore, Executive Director of Nothing But Nets 

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