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By: United to Beat Malaria

On Veterans Day United to Beat Malaria Recognizes Contributions of US Military to Malaria Research and Development

November 10, 2022
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This Veterans Day, and every day, United to Beat Malaria honors the military members who have faced malaria abroad and have fought to end it here at home. Thanks to vital funding from the Department of Defense, the Walter Reid Army Institute of Research (WRAIR) and the Navy Medical Research Center have a long history of developing breakthrough malaria drugs and vaccine candidates. 

We hosted a webinar on November 7th highlighting the history of malaria’s impact on the US military. You can view the recording and slides here.  


History of Malaria’s Impact on the US Military 

Dating back to the Revolutionary War, malaria has been a major threat to the US military: 

  • World War II: 695k US cases (incl. 60k deaths) 
  • Korean War: 390k US cases 
  • Vietnam War: 50k US cases  
  • Malaria outbreaks during Somalia (’93) and Afghanistan (’02) military operations 


Malaria: A Modern-Day Threat to the US Military 

  • Worldwide, malaria rates are rising due to COVID-19, drug and insecticide resistance, and other global challenges. 
  • Half the world’s population is at-risk of malaria, incl. thousands of US military members stationed overseas. 


The US Military: A Global Leader in the Fight to End Malaria 

  • The Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR) has a long history of developing breakthrough malaria drugs. 
  • For over 30 years, WRAIR and the Navy Medical Research Center (NMCC) have led the development of malaria vaccine candidates. 
  • WRAIR and NMCC continue to develop new drugs and vaccines that combat the growing issue of drug-resistant malaria. 


Take Action to Support US Military Funding of Malaria Research and Development 

With this information in mind, it is now time to take action! We are asking Champions to tweet in support of US military funding for malaria research and development through WRAIR and NMRC using our handy click-to-tweet tool. 

Step 1: Click here to access the click-to-tweet function 

Step 2: Enter your contact information and voting address  

Step 3: Click “Tweet” for each of your Members of Congress 

Step 4: Attach this graphic to each of your three Tweets 

Step 5: Hit Send! 


Engaging Members of Congress via social media is a quick and easy way to spread awareness while keeping up the drumbeat for malaria elimination year-round! We hope you will take a few minutes out of your day to take this action with us so that together, we can achieve a malaria free generation. 

Questions about advocacy? Email Maegan at 

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