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By: Andrea Gough

Orkin’s Support Triples in Hayward, California

June 15, 2017
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A couple weeks ago in California, Stephanie Rodriguez, Operations Manager for Orkin, Inc., joined Nothing But Nets at our public rally in San Francisco during our city tour, and then invited us to meet her team in Hayward. Stephanie challenged the Hayward team (and her grandmother!) to personally support the campaign, and as an extra benefit, the Hayward branch pledged to match each employee’s donation. 

Then Orkin’s regional office also agreed to match the funds raised; thus turning every one bed net into three life-saving nets! In less than 30 minutes the Hayward team raised enough funds for 87 bed nets!

To date Orkin, Inc. has helped to raise more than $135,000 and has now set a goal to raise more than $150,000 in 2009! We thank Orkin for their continued support in spreading awareness about malaria and for their leadership in the California community! 

Learn more about our partnership with Orkin.

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