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By: Jonathan Kidwell

Partner Spotlight: Cotopaxi

April 22, 2019
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One of Nothing But Nets amazing corporate partners is Cotopaxi, an outdoor brand with many distinctive elements: multi-colored backpacks, llama-wool insulated jackets, and 24-hour urban scavenger hunts known as Questivals, to name a few.

But beneath the cool gear and experiences is a socially-conscious company with a mission to alleviate poverty around the world and source their products ethically.

Based in Salt Lake City, Cotopaxi is the first Utah-based B Corps, a legal status signifying a dedication to the ethical consideration of workers, society, and the environment.

Part of Cotopaxi’s commitment includes designating a portion of annual revenue to support sustainable global poverty relief programs and corporate social responsibility. In its short five-year history, Cotopaxi has already awarded more than 40 grants to nonprofit partners like Nothing But Nets.

Since the start of the partnership, Cotopaxi has donated nearly $50,000 to Nothing But Nets. These funds have provided lifesaving bed nets and other critical services to thousands of people living in malaria-affected regions around the world.

A portion of these funds were raised through Questivals, 24-hour adventure races aimed at helping people discover their cities and do good. At several Questivals, Cotopaxi integrated Nothing But Nets into the scavenger hunt, thereby introducing hundreds of participants to Nothing But Nets and the broader issue of malaria.

Earlier this month, Cotopaxi launched the Cotopaxi Foundation at the Salt Lake City Questival. The launch of the Foundation will expand the company’s grantmaking capacity and ensure that Cotopaxi remains a B Corp forever.

From the beginning, Cotopaxi’s founders wanted to go beyond traditional philanthropy by taking a more holistic approach and supporting sustainable programs that improve health, education, and livelihoods in developing nations to help families thrive and escape poverty.

With the launch of the Foundation, Nothing But Nets is excited to continue partnering with Cotopaxi in 2019 to expand our collective impact in Latin America and ensure that no parent has to to worry about their child dying from malaria.

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