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By: Paige Glidden

3 Facts About Steph Curry After His 3rd Championship Win

June 12, 2018
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At Nothing But Nets, we’re big Warriors fans, thanks to a long partnership with Steph Curry. He just won his third championship, and as fellow NBA star and Nothing But Nets champion Anthony Tolliver said, it “couldn’t happen to a better guy.” So we wanted to celebrate three of his biggest accomplishments off the court. Here are just three of the reasons we love Steph so much (and why you should too)!  

  1. Donating his 30th birthday on Facebook. When Steph turned 30 this past March, he challenged his friends and his fans to help him celebrate his birthday by raising $30,000 for Nothing But Nets. Within only an hour, he raised over $13,000. Steph likes to go big or go home, so he tripled his goal.

    Over the next few weeks, he raised a total of $82,515 — that’s enough to send more than 8,000 life-saving bed nets to those in need! Steph not only raised an incredible amount of funds, he also made history: He is the first professional athlete to use a Facebook Fundraiser to raise funds for a non-profit.  

  2. The Curry 4 Low Under Armour Shoe. Steph teamed up with Under Armour to create a limited-edition Curry 4 Low colorway to support Nothing But Nets. For every pair sold, Steph donated an insecticide-treated bed net to protect kids, refugees, and families from malaria.

    Stephen wore the new kicks, as he worked out before a game against the Utah Jazz. The bright red colorway with netting design found on the heel was inspired by his involvement in the campaign’s efforts to send nets and help save lives from malaria. Of course, the shoes quickly sold out in most sizes!  

  3. Helping Refugees in Tanzania. Many people might not know that Steph actually took a trip to Tanzania with us! In 2013, along with sports columnist and Nothing But Nets co-founder Rick Reilly, Steph distributed bed nets in Nyarugusu Refugee Camp. Nyarugusu is operated by the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) where malaria is one of the leading causes of illness and death.

    Steph got to know the people in the camp, helped hang the nets, and still continues to support our work there. For every 3-point shot he makes during the season (which is a lot!), Steph donates three bed nets to Nothing But Nets, which has been 5,400 nets to date.   

Whether you’re a Warriors fan or not, it’s easy to appreciate the amazing contributions Steph Curry has made. We couldn’t be happier for him and the Warriors as they celebrate their third championship win! It’s easy for you to get involved. Find out how

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