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By: Kavita Sood

Pest Control – How One Company Joined the Fight against Malaria

June 8, 2017
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As the fastest growing pest control company in the United States, Alterra wanted to join the fight against malaria with Nothing But Nets in a big way. David Royce, Founder & CEO, has been a longtime supporter of Nothing But Nets since 2009, and was eager to find a way for his employees to join the fight this past summer.

This August, Alterra motivated its 1000+ employees across 19 branches to join in on the fun. Invigorated by a bit of cross-branch competition, employees were encouraged to donate a minimum of $10.  Each branches’ progress throughout the drive was publicized to show who was in the lead. Employees could have the contributions deducted directly from their paycheck to make the process easy and efficient. 

Throughout the campaign, the company posted flyers in their branches, sent out emails and text messages to employees, and used their company Facebook page to keep employees and followers updated. 

Chief Customer Officer Derrick Royce said, “It was a simple process. The goal at first was to challenge each branch to raise $1,000, for a total of $19,000. If that target was met, the company pledged to donate an additional $5,000.”  What Alterra found was a tremendous response of generosity from their staff.  In total Alterra was able to raise more than $31,000 over the course of two weeks to send nets and save lives! 

Alterra has set a terrific example of how to combine corporate goals with social good. The company plans to institute this as an annual challenge with their employees each summer. Will your company follow suit? For information on cause-marketing and sponsorship opportunities, or to donate now, please contact Kavita Sood, Senior Campaign Associate, at

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