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By: Adrianna Logalbo

Photo slideshow: The Sleep Out to End Malaria

June 14, 2017
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Last weekend for World Malaria Day, thousands of people across the country and around the world showed their commitment to sending nets and saving lives at the Sleep Out to End Malaria. From Nashville to L.A., and Zimbabwe to South Korea, Nothing But Nets and United Against Malaria supporters partied with Mozzie, shared their experiences and teamed up to end malaria by 2015.

Check out a slideshow with some of the best photos from the Sleep Out to End Malaria on April 24, the Eve of World Malaria Day. 

Photo Slideshow

Despite thunderstorms and tornadoes in some cities, people came together to save lives. Here are some highlights:

  • Champion and singer Gavin DeGraw asked supporters to join the winning team at the New York City Sleep Out, and explained why he’s involved with Nothing But Nets.
  • At the Philly, Nashville and Seattle Sleep Outs, students drove from several hours away to participate – that’s commitment!
  • Participants at all Sleep Outs shared their experiences with malaria. One person in L.A. has had malaria three times.
  • In Seoul, South Korea, more than 1,500 volunteers set up a 150 net display in busy Cheonggyecheon Plaza.
  • Youth Champion Katherine Commale and her family joined the Philly Sleep Out and inspired students with their story.
  • Some students are now planning a fall Sleep Out to End Malaria on their campuses.
  • Travis, a DC Sleep Out volunteer, said it was ridiculous NOT to help save lives. He compared the $10 it takes to send a net to two McDonald’s Happy Meals – which would you choose?

World Malaria Day and the Sleep Out may be over, but we’re not done yet — the movement continues to grow as we drive towards the World Cup this summer — the first time the event will be played on the African continent. You can still help to end malaria, by sending a net and saving a life today.

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