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By: Muriel van de Bilt

Pies for Nets!

June 8, 2017
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Bleyl Middle School sixth-grade students Cristy Vizcaino and Kesyia Foster found out there is a tasty way to fight malaria! As the Houston, Texas natives learned, malaria claims the life of a child every 60 seconds. The easiest way to prevent malaria is by donating $10 to send a life-saving insecticide-treated bed net to families in Africa, protecting them from the disease. 

Cristy and Kesyia came up with a simple plan: to raise $1,000 for Nothing But Nets, they would sell tickets for students to pie their assistant principal, school counselor, and their teacher in the face! Soon, all the classes at Bleyl Middle School joined in to raise funds. In total, they’ve raised more than $1,300, sending 130 nets to families in need. 

The event was a great success – not only were students excited to help Nothing But Nets fight malaria, they had the opportunity to pie their assistant principal!

We love how creative the Bleyl Middle School sixth-grade class was to raise funds for Nothing But Nets. There are lots of ways you can help too.

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