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By: Maegan Cross

Preparing for World Malaria Day 2022 – Champion Training

April 12, 2022

World Malaria Day 2022 Advocacy Training 

Thank you, Champions, for attending our World Malaria Day Activation training on April 11th. If you couldn’t make it, click here to view the slides and recording. 


WMD 2022 Theme and Key Messages 

During this webinar, we discussed the Key Messages for World Malaria Day 2022.  We know that no single tool that is available today will solve the problem of malaria – it will take a multipronged approach including Indoor Residual Spraying and Mosquito Nets. That is why our support for PMI and the Global Fund is so important. The funding we request for these programs supports investments and innovation that bring new vector control approaches, diagnostics, antimalarial medicines and other tools to speed the pace of progress against malaria. 


Take Action with our Social Media Toolkit 

For this World Malaria Day – we are asking you to spread the word about the importance of beating malaria! Using the 2022 World Malaria Day Social Media Toolkit makes taking action easy! This tool will contain everything you need to engage in advocacy on World Malaria Day, April 25th, including tweets, Instagram story templates, and a feature that will automatically populate and tag your Members of Congress in social media messages. 


Expanding our Champion Network 

If we are going to be the generation to beat malaria for good we will need each you to raise your voices! That is why this World Malaria Day, we are challenging existing Champions to help us expand our advocate network by reaching out to friends and family to engage in social media advocacy. Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, will be to ask 5 of your contacts to post on social media for World Malaria Day using our easy-to-use social media toolkit. We hope this will be the first step of many the people in your life will take in the fight against malaria!  


Next Steps for World Malaria Day 2022 

  • Monday, April 25th  
    • Join us for our World Malaria Day Advocacy Webinar! The webinar will kick off at 6p ET. Click here to register and select the appropriate date on the drop-down. 
  • Post on socials with your Beat Malaria swag! 
    • If you completed meetings with Congress in March as part of our Leadership Summit and Advocacy Day, you will be receiving a thank-you package filled with United to Beat Malaria swag.  Once you receive your swag box, be sure to post with your new swag and tag us for a chance to be reposted on our channels at: @BeatMalaria on Twitter and @UnitedtoBeatMalaria on Instagram 


Fundraise to Beat Malaria with the Move Against Malaria 5k! 

  • May 20th  – June 5th  
    • Speaking of STEPS you can take in the fight against malaria, join us for our first event as United to Beat Malaria! The Move Against Malaria 5k will be held across the world from May 20 – June 5.  Join donors, partners, and champions from across the globe to raise awareness and funds to protect the most vulnerable populations from malaria.  Click here to register 
    • Read up on the 5k and best practices for peer-to-peer fundraising from our Development team here 
    • Click here to access our Move Against Malaria 5k fundraising toolkit 


Questions about Advocacy? Email Maegan at 


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