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By: Hayes Brown

Presenting: The Nothing But Nets 2010 Annual Report

June 12, 2017
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We are thrilled to present to you the Nothing But Nets 2010 Annual Report, collecting a year’s worth of efforts to save lives and the myriad of ways that you have contributed to the fight against malaria.

You logged-in to take part in our Facebook Town Hall. You pledged your time and energy to spreading the buzz about malaria. You took part in Sleep Outs to End Malaria, pitching tents and unrolling sleeping bags across the world. You came out to see us as we crossed the country on our Buzz Tour. And thanks to all of you, we managed to get a life-saving bed net to every household in the Central African Republic.

Another year has come and gone in the fight against malaria. As incredible as the numbers are, 4 million nets delivered, a 50% reduction in malaria in 11 countries, there’s one number that means more than any of those to us. Since this campaign started, the malaria death rate among children has dropped from a child dying every 30 seconds to a child dying every 45 seconds. Pushing back the clock like this is a sign that you are making a difference in the fight against malaria.

Almost five years ago, a single article was written, that launched a campaign, that gathered your attention and your imagination. As you read through the Nothing But Nets 2010 Annual Report, we hope you’re as proud of the Champion level actions you’ve taken as we are. Looking forward, we hope you join us in moving forward with this mantra in mind: Ten dollars. One net. Zero deaths by 2015.


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