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By: United to Beat Malaria

President’s FY24 Budget is Cause for Optimism and Concern for Malaria Community 

March 10, 2023
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United to Beat Malaria welcomes the Biden Administration’s decision to request $2 billion for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria – for the second year of a $6 billion, three-year pledge – in its fiscal year 2024 (FY24) budget. However, the Administration’s FY24 budget also includes a funding decrease to the US President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI): the $780 million request represents a $15 million cut compared to FY23 enacted levels.  

“We applaud the Administration’s decision to sustain strong support for the Global Fund and strengthen its overall commitment to the UN, humanitarian assistance, and global health security,” said Margaret Reilly McDonnell, Executive Director of United to Beat Malaria. “However, we are deeply concerned about the proposed funding cut to PMI, a program that benefits 700 million people across 27 partner countries and regional programs, particularly at such a critical time. PMI needs additional resources to overcome existential threats like insecticide and drug resistance and to reach hard-to-reach populations with targeted innovations, so that we can get back on track towards achieving a malaria-free world.”  

“We call upon Congress and the Administration to reinforce strong US leadership in the fight against malaria by supporting full funding for PMI and the Global Fund – programs that over the past two decades have saved 10.6 million lives, averted 1.7 billion cases, and propelled over 20 countries to achieve zero malaria. Working in close collaboration with one another and partner countries, these life-saving programs are the primary drivers of progress in terms of reducing malaria cases and deaths. Strong investments in these programs not only save lives on a massive scale, but also bolster economies, empower youth, improve diplomatic relations with the US, and strengthen health systems and pandemic preparedness throughout the malaria-affected world.” 

“This is a decisive juncture in the fight against malaria, a preventable disease that we can beat in our lifetimes – but still claims over 600,000 lives each year. We’ve managed to prevent significant setbacks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the remarkable progress we made this century has stalled and even reversed in some areas. This is not the time to scale back investments as we look to get back on track towards ending this ancient disease within this generation. More countries than ever are on the cusp of elimination, global advocacy efforts have helped increase political will to fight malaria around the world, and the pipeline of innovative malaria tools and strategies has never been stronger. With continued strong funding from the US government, our campaign is hopeful that 2023 marks a period of renewed progress in the fight against malaria.” 

The release of the Administration’s FY24 budget marks the beginning of the budget development process. From here, Congressional Budget Committees will start developing a budget resolution that lays out an overall spending ceiling and revenue floor. Once approved, the Appropriations Committees begin the process of allocating federal dollars with a deadline of full passage before the fiscal year ends on September 30.  Throughout the year, United to Beat Malaria Champions from across the country will engage their Members of Congress, reinforcing the vital importance of strong bipartisan leadership and funding. We look forward to meeting with Congressional offices on March 28 as part of our annual Advocacy Day and stepping up our ongoing work to beat malaria for good.  

To join us in this effort and become a Beat Malaria Champion, visit or text CHAMPION to 30644.


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