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By: Negin Janati

Put a little Buzzkill into your Boo! this Halloween

June 15, 2017
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My friend just handed me this article about the Bell family in Cherry Hill, NJ. Nine-year-old Courtney and her 12-year-old brother Tyler are spreading the buzz by saying Boo! For the second year in a row, they’ve turned their backyard into a garden of ghouls where their neighbors can give $10 to be scared out of their gourds.  Courtney and Tyler are hosting this haunted trail to raise money to send nets and save lives in Africa through Nothing But NetsLast year they raised $430 – that’s 43 nets! Their goal for this year is $600- way to go guys!

We absolutely love hearing stories like this one; we are constantly inspired by your dedication to help families in Africa by keeping them safe from malaria. And what’s even cooler is that other supporters are reaching out to this brother and sister team to help out and send nets and save lives, too!

Halloween is a great time to get creative and show your colors for Nothing But Nets. Over the years we’ve seen some incredible homemade mosquito costumes that seem to keep getting better.  What will we see this year? You could go as a bruNET, a clariNET, the plaNET, or Shakespeare reciting a sonNET—about malaria, of course!  Don’t have time to make a costume? Get your buddies to wear Buzzkill shirts, which you could hallow-up with black duct tape to make a jack-o-lantern (like in our really fancy example here).

Whatever you choose, make sure to send us your pictures and stories! So get out there and show us—how will you put the ‘fun’ in fundraising? 

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