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By: Jenna Sauber

Put your money where your heart is

June 19, 2017
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As we all start receiving our tax rebates and the welcome $600 stimulus check, it’s easy to put the money toward a hip iPod or a new summer wardrobe. Or we’re anxious to make up for all the extra dollars we’re spending on gas and groceries lately.

But let’s not forget that the one thing that doesn’t change with the fluctuating oil prices and newest fads is that children in Africa still need bed nets to protect them from malaria.

Multiple charities and non-profits are asking for your help right now, but Nothing But Nets makes it easy to give and save a life at the same time. And the best part of it is that you only need to give $10 of your rebate to save that life. If you give $100 of your check to Nothing But Nets, you’ve saved 10 lives.

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but bed nets don’t either. It’s your chance to give the excitement you feel when you open that check to a child receiving a bed net, who might otherwise not live past five years old.

Send a net. Save a life.

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