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By: Meril Cullinan

Ray Chambers on Social NETworking

June 12, 2017

Earlier today, the UN’s Special Envoy for Malaria, Ray Chambers, spoke to the Social Good Summit at 92nd Street Y in New York City about the power of social media to spread social good –- especially in the fight against malaria.  The movement has grown and has saved millions of lives, thanks to supporters like you!

Here’s some of what Ray Chambers had to say:

The Nothing But Nets campaign of the UN Foundation brought in the National Basketball Association, Major League Soccer. And over the last several years we’ve been able to raise that awareness, get the African leaders involved, get the leaders of the donor countries involved.

A disease that killed 1 million children just last year, we’re predicting will cause no death – zero deaths – by 2015.

It’s something that 4th and 5th graders have been able to relate to. $10 buys a bed net, saves a child’s life. So we’ve had children do lemonade stands and bake sales. Give up their allowance with the hope of saving another child’s life.

See for yourself what Ray Chambers had to say about the fight against malaria, the effectiveness of life-saving bed nets, and the progress the movement to end malaria has made –- especially through social media.  Watch the video, and then share it on your NETworks!


P.S. The UN Foundation is streaming live from the Digital Media Lounge all this week! Tune in at

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