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By: Jenna Sauber

Reminder to watch: ABC’s “Ugly Betty” is biting back!

June 15, 2017
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Still haven’t made plans yet for tonight? Well we’ve got just the thing to make you laugh, where you can see how Hollywood is spreading the buzz about malaria: At 8/7c ABC’s Ugly Betty premieres, featuring the UN Foundation’s Nothing But Nets!

Betty starts off season four in her new job at MODE magazine as an assistant features editor – and for her first fashion shoot she takes on the ugly disease of malaria, and comes up with a creative use for bed nets!

We’ll be live tweeting the show using the hashtag #UglyBettynets – join us online!

You can also check out this video for an inside look at how the premiere came together behind the scenes while filming at the United Nations, featuring Ugly Betty cast member Daniel Eric Gold.

After the show, post your watch party pics on Facebook or email them to Then do your part to bite back and send a net and save a life!

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