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By: Ruth Riley

Revolutionizing the art of re-gifting

June 15, 2017
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Re-gifting has truly become an art form these days. We have all re-gifted at least once in our lives, or are guilty of thinking about it! You get a present and you have no idea what you are going to do with it, or you wonder if it’s possible to repackage it and give to someone else. Maybe it was the wool holiday sweater from Aunt Suzie that looks like a Christmas explosion, or the bonus pack of tube socks from Uncle Bob.

Usually, we get our presents, and then decide to re-gift. But what if we thought about that before we ever started tearing off the wrapping paper? 

Annika Snow was about to celebrate her 8th birthday. After learning about Nothing But Nets from her Methodist church and then again from me at our WNBA game earlier this season, she decided to re-gift her birthday presents to provide bed nets for children in Africa. She did not ask for dolls or clothes or games – instead, she asked for everyone to write a check to Nothing But Nets on her behalf!

I had the opportunity to meet with Annika and her friends after the Silver Stars’ last game, where she presented me with an envelope chock full of all her “presents” (checks). In a world where it is so easy to be focused on ourselves, I find it refreshing that Annika’s mom, Neely, teaches her daughters the value of helping others. This 8-year-old with the forethought and desire to use her birthday as a way to raise money and awareness is an inspiration to me. What a beautiful lesson to us all on how we can re-gift through the gift of life!


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