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By: Chris Helfrich

Rhyming for Change

June 8, 2017
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My alma mater, Loomis Chaffee School, has been a great supporter of Nothing But Nets. I have such strong ties to Loomis Chaffee’s campus in Connecticut—and it’s so rewarding to see what those connections can produce. Loomis Chaffee has organized all sorts of cool events, from bake sales to 3-on-3 soccer tournaments to designing special team uniforms to send nets and save lives. Now, high school senior and soccer team captain Nicholas Sailor is thinking outside the box, using rap music as a tool to fight malaria.

Sailor has taken his talents off the field and into the studio. The aspiring rapper, whose stage name is “Kraze,” put together a concert on campus this month. The best part: Sailor, rapping since age 13, plans to donate the proceeds from all Kraze T-shirts he sells to Nothing But Nets.

“Being a captain of the Varsity Soccer Team this year, I have had the privilege of learning more and more about this program,” Sailor told me. “I truly admire the work that you have done. No matter how small the scale, anyone can make a difference.”

This aspiring musician has released several songs. A big thank you to Kraze for “rapping” up the malaria fight!.

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