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By: Shannon Raybold

Rise to the nothing But Nets NETS Challenge

June 20, 2017
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This month is March Madness, but the games keep going into April with World Malaria Day coming up on April 25th — and we have a way for you to play some sports and send some nets!

It’s all about the NETS Sports Challenge right now. We want you to get active and bring in friends and family to have some fun and raise money to stop malaria. Here’s how:

Host your own NETS Challenge by arranging a sports event – a mini basketball tournament, a doubles tennis match or even some backyard soccer.

You’ll be using a net for the challenge, so why not take it one step further and raise some funds to send nets to Africa in our quest to cover the continent. You can arrange your challenge however you want, with as many people and as much food and fun as possible.

We’ll help you get started with some ideas and information.

Let the games begin!

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