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By: Liz Wing

Running to end malaria

June 8, 2017
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Last weekend, Nothing But Nets went to North Carolina to join our partners at Summit Coffee for another grassroots event!  Brian and Tim Helfrich, owners of Summit Coffee have hosted a running event to benefit Nothing But Nets for 2 years.  We were pleased to join them for this year’s Summit Solstice 4-mile Obstacle Challenge

There was no shortage of runners in Davidson, North Carolina, a small-town paradise for runners and bikers alike, but this race also drew participants from Charlotte, Virginia, and Vermont!  The obstacle course included a Ben and Jerry’s sprinkle challenge, a basketball layup, calisthenics, tire jumping, and some runners even had to catch Mozzie the Mosquito!

Representatives from Congressman Robert Pittenger’s office also joined us at the event.  We spoke with his Regional District Director, Preston Curtis, about how every 60 seconds a child in Africa dies of malaria and how U.S. leadership and funding for the President’s Malaria Initiative and The Global Fund are integral in preventing malaria deaths.  Attendees also filled out messages to their member of congress to ask for their support in the fight against malaria. 

At the post-race festival we raffled off a chance to win a personalized, autographed Stephen Curry jersey.  We sold raffle tickets 3 for $10 for one jersey and auctioned off another one for $700!  They were a big hit in this small town where Steph Curry is still their hometown hero after leading Davidson College to the elite eight in the 2008 NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament before joining the NBA. 

In total, the event raised more than $3,100. This grassroots event was fun for Summit Coffee to organize and it was a great way to engage their community in the fight against malaria!  Many thanks to Brian and Tim for their hard work!

Want to organize your own 4-mile race, 3-on-3 basketball tournament, or physical challenge?  Email Liz Wing to get started! 

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