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By: Liz Wing

Sail boats, save lives

June 8, 2017
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How does sailing send nets?

Each year, the Netherlands chapter of the Junior Chamber International (JCI) hosts a regatta, a boat race, in Croatia.  JCI members from across Europe attend the three-day race. Teams from Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, and Turkey compete in six separate boat races. This year, 100 people participated, filling 11 yachts.

They also hold an auction with prizes ranging from Oktoberfest tickets to private plane rides. This year the auction raised $12,000 to send nets and save lives. Months of preparation and organizing goes into this and it pays off – regatta events have raised $90,000 in 4 years. This annual activity shows the power of our grassroots organizations to help us fight malaria.

This year, I was honored to sail with JCI. I sailed on beautiful seas, ate fantastic meals, and met incredible people who want to make a positive impact on the world around them. 

Nothing But Nets champions and partners find fun, creative ways to engage their community in the fight against malaria. You can too!  Organize a basketball tournament or soccer game and help us send nets and save lives. Get started here.

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