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By: Ruth Riley

San Antonio’s Faith and Family Night

June 15, 2017
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The UN Foundation, WNBA/NBA and the People of The United Methodist Church have all been founding partners with Nothing But Nets since its inception in 2006. As I humbly received the check for $46,500 from Bishop Jim Dorff and the Southwest Texas and Rio Grande United Methodist Churches, I could not help but be amazed at the power of partnerships.

Nothing But Nets continues to be an integral initiative in our NBA/WNBA Cares portfolio as we educate our fan bases on the devastation of malaria, and raise money through silent auctions and a percentage of ticket sales. The People of The United Methodist Church have likewise adopted Nothing But Nets as a focus of their ministry, mobilizing their parishioners to help raise money and awareness, as well as using their missionaries in Africa to help with the distribution of nets and the provision of healthcare services in their clinics.

It has been inspiring to see these organizations utilize their various platforms to make a difference in the world. As I was holding the check and surveying the crowd who waited to hear me speak after our game, I was reminded that although these organizations are wonderful, the power behind our partnership truly lies within the people. It’s the elementary school classes that after learning about boys and girls just like them on the other side of the world dying from malaria who are determined to do their own fundraisers to help. It’s the congregations who give a little extra in the offering plate on Sunday because they take seriously the command of loving our neighbors as ourselves, and it is the passionate sports fans who care about more than the final score of their favorite team!

For more on the San Antonio Silver Stars’ Faith and Family Night, click here.

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