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By: Monika Johnson

Scoring Points to Send Nets and Save Lives

June 12, 2017
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In 2006, bishops and basketball players from the NBA and the United Methodist Church teamed up with the UN Foundation as the founding partners of the Nothing But Nets campaign. Now, more than five years later, this partnership is stronger than ever.

The NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder and Oklahoma UMC came together to become Champions in the movement to end malaria this spring, joining forces to send nets and save lives at “Nothing But Nets Night.” Proceeds from the night went to Nothing But Nets and the UMC sold more than 600 tickets to the Oklahoma City Thunder game! Congregation leaders, including Bishop Robert Hayes Jr., encouraged fans to send nets and save lives.

It was a great event that raised more than $10,000 — enough to send over 1,000 nets to protect families in Africa!

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