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By: Danielle Garrahan

Scouting for Nets

June 14, 2017
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It’s the buzziest time of the summer for boy scouts as more than 40,000 scouts from across the nation gathered at Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia, for the Boy Scout National Jamboree. I had the honor of joining more than 5,000 scouts on an open field on a beautiful and sunny morning at the United Methodist Church’s Sunday service at the Jamboree. Nothing But Nets™ Champion Bishop Bickerton delivered the day’s message and talked about the important leadership role that scouts and Methodists can play to end one of the deadliest diseases in history. Bishop Bickerton then challenged the group to do what they could right then and there, and led the way with his own donation to the campaign. I was blown away by the response. The future leaders immediately stepped up to the plate as global citizens and humanitarians and collected more than $12,000 from the crowd for the purchase of 1,200 life-saving bed nets for families in Africa.

Scouts also committed to continue to spread the buzz about malaria by proudly wearing their commemorative Nothing But Nets patches with the United Methodist Church and by starting Nothing But Nets service projects in their home community. 

If other scouts are interested in starting a project and earning a service ribbon for the 100 Year Anniversary, make sure you check out our toolkit specifically for scouts. After all, it was through Lord Baden Powell’s experiences in Africa that inspired him to start the Scouting Movement. After 100 years of Scouting, we need to ensure his legacy carries on, and we can by helping the most vulnerable families in Africa prevent malaria.

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